Release Something

One (of the seemingly many) things I do for, you know, work is web development. From time to time I'm asked for a portfolio of what I do. Here's a little sampling:

  • Web Scraping/Data Mining (Technical sounding, it just means a computer program that collects data from websites by 'reading' the page.)
  • eCommerce Order System (Did you know you can order from pizza hut online? I had nothing to do with that eCommerce site.)
  • Product/Inventory Management Back-end (Let's say you had a site your company used to track costs, markup prices, and generate reports. And let's say I fixed it.)

You see the problem with that list? It's hard to show off that stuff. There are some clients I can't even say I worked for (gasp, maybe I can't even say I can't say that), other stuff is just never going to be publicly visible (yeah, you're not going to be able to play around with some in-house inventory control system, sorry).

So what's a developer to do?

Release something.

Call it a slightly late new year's resolution. Or don't.

Here's the deal. I'm gonna try to release some kind of technology thingy (usually some kind of internet technology thingy) every week.

So there.

No, it may not be something new each week. Maybe just rolling out a new feature to an existing thingy, but I'll try to make it at least interesting. And maybe even useful. And we'll just see how many weeks I miss. 'cause I will miss some. 

Beat you to that one Naysayers. Yeah, you know who you are.

So what's going to kick off this little party? If you'd been paying attention on Twitter you would know. But you were Facebooking weren't you? See, that's what happens.

Speaking of Twitter, you should check out GroupCall. Just a little app that lets you host a conference call with your friends. The host and unmute/mute people, so when someone gets out of hand... Really, it's setup as less of a mob conversation, and more of a 'broadcast' tool. One speaker many listeners. An ideal use would be Q&A or instructional sessions - questions asked via Twitter and answered over the call by one or two people.

It's still in the 'alpha' stages. Or is it 'preview'? Not sure anymore. Either way it's defintly not beta. Because beta just means "we haven't figured out how or if we're going to charge for this yet". And I've already figured that out. There will be a charge. 

But in the rush to release something I didn't have a chance to implement a payment system. So it's free now, until my money runs out. Or I start charging. We'll see which happens first.

Bet you can't wait until next week now.

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