While the outburst from Joe Wilson (really, what is it about people names Joe opposing Candidate and now President Obama) is getting the most attention - I think the most outrageous thing is the way these 'myths' are 'debunked'. Watch:

All you need to do is say it isn't true, and NBC puts another myth in the debunked column. Is your free browser toolbar labeled 'spyware'? Just debunk in - "No, it's not spyware". Apparently that's good enough. From now on MythBusters will simply read a myth, say it's not true, and declare it 'busted'. Snopes is no longer needed, just reply with, "that's a myth". And when Dick Cheney is grilled about the CIA's techniques, he'll just look sternly at the questioner and it will be auto-debunked.

Or maybe that's not the way it works, at least over here in reality.

Tim Lytle [09/10/09 11:21:04] | 0 Comments | Stream