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Just put up a new Bible site Friday, which is old news for those on Twitter. For now it's rather simple (put in reference, get Bible verses back), but I do plan on keeping the development going.

An update Saturday added limited book and chapter divisions and inline verse numbering. The next update will probably let you turn off the verse numbering (that's the way I like it). After that, not sure what's next, but printable downloads, and links relevant to the current text are planned.

Programming Stuff (yes, you can skip this part)
First app done with the new Zend Framework Took, using the standard directory structure and 'accepted' (since there's no implementation in the framework) Model structure.

I must say I love the configuration and bootstrap, it makes all that a whole lot easier. Of course if you've already written a standard bootstrap and config system, then maybe you'd prefer that. I had not, and found using Zend's to be great, since really, you just want to start writing the application.

Also be using GIT to do the version control. It's worked rather well. I think the most inviting feature (to me) is the easy branch switching. I like being able to quick switch to one change I'm working on, without limiting my ability to go back and work on a fix for the 'stable' branch. Yeah, I know SVN has that too, it just doesn't seem as easy.

Of course coming form SVN it can be hard to catch onto the way GIT works - not having a central server. But once it made sense, I think I like that way better.

Why Another Bible Site? (welcome back)
I just found the other sites a bit too busy. It's not that I couldn't figure out how to get to a passage, just that that nothing seemed quite simple enough. And I wanted a bit more control over the display formating.

[Oh, and, your cookies expire way too fast. It seems like every time I go to your site, I need to setup my version preference again. But I don't have to do that anymore.]

I'd been thinking of doing something like this for a while, but last week, after reading a passage, I thought that it would be nice to post a link to a verse. Just a single verse, and have it displayed something like twitter's updates (when a single update is viewed).

So now here goes: I like Paul's perspective.

Go enjoy it if you want, and let me know what features you think would be nice.

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