Web Development Q&A

Having a little Web question and answer session next Monday Tuesday. Did one of these (kinda) at Panara Bread last year. This one will be 'virtual', meaning less cream cheese on the keyboard. At least for me.

There won't really be an overview, introduction, explanation of the basics like last time - this will be simply based off the group questions, and hopefully will end up dealing with a range of topics that help everyone increase their knowledge and understanding.

Here's the catch, so as to avoid my looking too befuddled, the questions will be submitted beforehand. That way I can ask someone who actually knows this stuff and just repeat their answers.

Here's how to be a part:

  1. Fill out the google form.
  2. Ask a question here, or upload stuff here, or just e-mail, twitter, or whatever the question to me.
  3. Fire up the computer next Monday, and join in (links for that will be posted on Monday).
Note that this is mostly web development focused, not web design, so questions about scripting languages, markup (CSS&HTML), and the technology used in development (editors, how things work, tools to use) will probably get better answers than questions about how how to incorporate textures into a web design, or what kind of content layout is hot right now.

Tim Lytle [06/22/09 15:12:52] | 0 Comments | Stream