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[The following are the results of a survey done to determine what, where, and how a little group - heading to The Complete Works, Abridged - will have dinner. Why? Because google documents is cool (are cool?) and the google docs forms generate nifty charts and graphs. And. Well, that's it I guess.]

Here's what you've all been waiting for - the results of the survey. The survey 32% of you gave a 10 on the 'important' scale - which is a pretty good consensus for this group.

Okay, looks like we'll be splitting up. Aww, sorry togetherness people - if it's any consolation 32% of the group will wish they listened to you when it's all said and done.

Now for the knity-gritty - we'll be meeting at 5:30. But don't be late because 42% of us wanted 5 and we're just being nice. Don't abuse that. Okay?

Barnes & Noble is the place to gather - let's make it the circle entrance (not the parking lot entrance), and then split up from there.

Let us for a moment consider where you don't want to eat (right side). For some reason Hex: Dutch Delights, came in second. Second? Really? Who would eat at a place called that? Bad news for the Japanese place. They're more unpopular than a restaurant that was made up for the purpose of being unappetizing. That's rough.

The most popular places that mostly everyone is pretty much okay (left side) with are Cosi, Pandini's, and Red Robin. Of course, there's one in every group, and we're no different. A whopping one person doesn't want to go to Red Robin. Now you know who you are, so I'm not going to call you out on the internet. Mostly because I'm looking at the graphed data, and it would take way two* much effort to look through all the responses.

So if we were to go to a single place, it would be Cosi or Pandini's.

But here's where it gets interesting. The two most popular choices when limited to a single pick, are White Orchid's Thai and Red Robin, followed (not too surprising here) by the Pita Pit.

Now, it seems from the responses, and from the fact that serving this large of a group would take more time than we'd want, splitting up is the way to go. While deciding on the fly will probably work for Cosi, Pandini's, Pita Pit, and maybe even Red Robin - it might not be that welcome at White Orchid's. Or, for the 6% of you (yeah, that's one person) who picked it, Melt.

So if you're wanting to hit up the Thai place, or some place else that needs a reservation, shoot me an e-mail, text, whatever, sometime today and we'll see what we can arrange for reservations. But if the Pita Pit, Pandini's, or the like is your pick - and that's 30% of you - just meet at B&N, find your group, and have fun storming the castle.

[*for John (was 'to') happy now?]

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