Pass the Phone

Crashed The Kid's party last night. Well, not quite a crash, 'cause it was an open invitation - but I didn't get there until the party had already started.

After a dinner filled with lies and half-truths, we played a little 'catchphrase'. Had this little circle game thingy that displays a word and the object is to get your team to say that word before the time runs out. If your successful, you pass it to the next player who is on the other team.

Simple enough concept, and I thought I had seen something like it in the android market place. Sure enough, found gPhrase, installed and played a few round with it.

It's deserving of the mixed reviews. It doesn't follow the sound settings (it still plays loudly when on silent), and it needs a better interface, plus some kind of scoring feature before it would be worth paying for. It is a beta, so there should be improvements in the future.

But it got me thinking - what other group games could be ported to a phone? Taboo shouldn't be hard, what about some kind of charades? It seems to me the hardest part would be generating the questions, phrases, word lists, etc. I haven't been able to find any kind of public domain database of that sort yet.

So, any other ideas on games? How 'bout those of you black turtlenecks - are there apps like this in the iStore?

Tim Lytle [05/18/09 02:42:03] | 16 Comments | Stream