Google Doc Download Link

Once in a google document, you can download different formats (text, html, open office, word, rtf) - but I had been looking for a way to link directly to a 'format' download.


Well, the AO response a month or so ago (our response to the Presidents address) was a rather long post, and I thought making it downloadable would be a nice touch. But linking to the google doc and instructing people to select "File | Download File As" didn't seem like a good solution. Downloading the file, then uploading it to AO's server, then creating a link to the upload seemed like way too much work (this is why I use google docs - less work).

So it didn't get done.

But now I've found this:[FORMAT]&docID=[ID]

I've setup a few clients with a little php script (and then translated it to asp - yikes!) that grabs the HTML from a published google doc and drops it into a static web page (take that javascript driven editable text boxes). Since I was grabbing the normal 'published' page, I had to parse out extra google HTML. Now I can update the script to get the HTML format download, and just pull the contents of the body tag.

Tim Lytle [04/05/09 15:53:40] | 0 Comments | Stream