Backup Offer

Carbonite finished the backup of my audio files a few days ago. I started the trial a couple of weeks back. Couldn't keep it running all the time, but I had it up most of the time. So now there's 18 gig (yeah, 18 gig) of digital audio backed up on the Carbonite servers.

I like the system - while you can't backup network drives, or anything but local drives on a windows installation (as far as I know) - it does seem useful as a backup for things you keep on your local machine. In my case, the source files for the recordings I'm working on when I record outside the studio.

So a good choice if you travel with your work, when your documents are on your laptop. And if you're a single computer user without local network storage.

Try it yourself, use offer code "Bzz".

Tim Lytle [04/05/07 16:00:08] | 0 Comments | Stream