Ya know what'd be nice...

Creative Congratulations to the Kid, who - in spite of a lapse in blog availability - has found a way to unleash his peculiar wisdom on the unsuspecting. The following won him $50 at stootsi.com:

Whilst reading ericcook29's invention I was greatly ammused and would be very appreciative of a time machine if it was ever invented. But seeing as I'm one of the lazy people referred to I would never submit to the amount of studying of mathematical equations and the like to create a time machine. But my invention, while simple, would still be able to accomplish the same tasks as said time machine... if given enough time.

A recliner with powered wheels. Obviously you would have the choice of a wireless steering wheel (which could easily be stored into one of the recliner's many pockets and drawers), or a remote (because we all know us lazy people are experts at using remotes).

This would also be beneficial to those people constantly complaining about not enough jobs and unemployment percents. My invention would open many new jobs for making the world recliner accessible. Off the top of my head, refrigerators, freezers, the top potato chip shelf at wal-mart, and ice cream lines (my second invention (assuming it wouldn't be too hard to create) would eliminate ice cream lines though).

People would be allowed to choose these recliners depending on tastes and such. Upgrades would also be available (flotation skis with a motor on the back for those "over the ocean" travelers, portable TV for times when you would be traveling outside the house, a shower for those days when you should smell nice in your recliner, ect). There would also be standard things built into every recliner (back, leg, and feet message system, 22.1 surround sound system for those days when you want to watch a movie, a trash can that disposed of trash without you knowing how when or where, and a mini frig for when commercials are too short to travel to the kitchen).

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Because of the greatness of the chair, world peace would probably ensue. It could quite possibly become the greatest invention ever.

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