Better Bookmark

Here's my problem with bookmarks - and I do understand the problem is with me - I just drag them up to a folder in Firefox. No organization, and I just never have been able to bring my self to clicking a bookmark button and filling out a popup window full of information.

Ya know, the 'tag this site', make it 'public' or 'private', 'comments', and who know what else. I just want to save the think, 'cause I know one day I'll think, "I know I found that javascript someplace, what was the site?"

So now I got this long list of sites I just don't want to forget, but don't really have the desire to categorize them. Sure a tag system would work better, and I probably should just realize that if the information is worth saving, it's probably worth the time to categorize it.

But how about this: Google's custom search engine can be set up to include sites and individual pages, and there's a handy favorite shortcut that let's youdrag pages into your search engine.

So what if I just created my 'favorite' custom search. Next time I forget where I found something, I'll just do a search, that's how I probably found it anyway, and this time I won't have to wade through all the other results because I'm only searching my 'favorite' sites and pages.

Think it might work?

Tim Lytle [01/19/07 11:17:51] | 0 Comments | Stream