Ubuntu Thoughts

Put together a new computer for the parents - and since it'll be acting as both a desktop and a fileserver (because the current house server will be staying with me) I figured it might be time to try ubuntu.

I've only ever worked with command line linux before - except for the short time I spend using my Zaurus - so I'm really liking the different desktop choices, and the separation of the actual OS and the desktop environment.

I'm just wondering once I install a few desktops (Gnome and KDE), will the software I install for one need to be installed again on the other?

Still learning how all this works. I figure the graphical interface to things like apache and samba will all connect to the common services, But what about things like Firefox - how will that work between desktops. Or what about the user's home directory, and the user's desktop - will it contain the same files in both KDE and Gnome?

Haven't been able to install on a RAID partition yet either - I think it might be that the RAID hardware on the mainboard requires drivers that don't have a linux equivalent yet. We'll see...

Tim Lytle [12/28/06 00:51:34] | 4 Comments | Stream