You're Welcome

Tried out Qunu, set up my account, and waited for someone to ask for help. Got a request last night, helped them find the answer to their question, and in return was rated 'OK' in my knowledge of PHP, and 'Needs to cheer up' in what I would guess is my friendliness.

Not sure how to take that.

Yes, I was friendly.

Perhaps the Qunu rating system doesn't clearly express the rating system to the end user.

[UPDATE: I'm thinking it's just Qunu's rating system. A 'friendliness' rating of 'OK' results in Qunu saying, 'This expert needs to cheer up.' Well, at least I guess that's how it works, I don't think the user rated me, 'unfriendly and unhelpful'. But maybe he did, anyway - check out Qunu, a interesting concept.]

Tim Lytle [11/12/06 16:26:50] | 0 Comments | Stream