Ink On My Mind

I think I'm gonna get a CIS (continuous-ink-supply).

Saw one at the PhotoPlusExpo last year, and the vendor there only had systems for Epsons. Now that I finally have an Epson (and like it by the way), I'm thinking of getting a CIS before I have to buy anther set of cartridges.

Of course I do alot of my printing with actual printers (the people kind of printer), so not sure if it'll be worth it.

On the other hand, think I'm gonna be using the R200 series for Epson just as long as it lasts and they keep making 'em, so even if the ink outlasted the printer - no big deal.

Didn't get to the PhotoPlusExpo this year, did anyone who went see a good CIS?

Tim Lytle [11/03/06 19:05:12] | 0 Comments | Stream