Dell Again

So a tech comes today - a half hour after the 2 hour windows he gave me - and spends the next few house just trying to figure out how to open the computer and remove the video card.

Then after replacing the video card, he finds that he can't boot the computer. Seems he left something unplugged.

Booting the machine we see that the blue lines are gone, ah, but now once XP starts the screen goes all twisted.

So he replaces the LCD panel with the one they sent, not the same as the one in the computer (this one is missing the extra special coating) and guess what - same results.

Ah, now I guess I have to try the software reinstall - because guess what folks, video problems after the BIOS could be software.

And once I get that fixed, all we have to do is contact dell about the wrong screen and the scratches to the display bezel he made when trying to take the laptop apart.


Unless of course you have to - wait, that seems to be the only reason I buy from any laptop vendor: because I have to.

Tim Lytle [10/10/06 16:45:16] | 4 Comments | Stream