Another Upgrade?

Is time just flying? Why does it seem like I just bought Paint Shop Pro X (10), and now the next version is out.

Oh well, I'm a version behind on my vector draw program, and maybe two version behind on my desktop publishing program. At least Corel lets you try the new software. Half the time I thing they just change a few buttons and stick in a few new 'wizards' and call it a new version.

I was happy with the upgrade from PSP 8 to PSP X, but I think there was a short lived 9 in the middle. Maybe I'll just wait for 12.


Why are we numbering software the way France numbered kings?

[UPDATE: I get a free PSP XI shirt if I upgrade - yup, I'm sold.]

Tim Lytle [09/22/06 23:33:31] | 0 Comments | Stream