Better Than Bose?

Well, is anything really better than Bose?

Unfortunately, how many of us have an actual Bose product to compare with something else? The only time I've ever had a pair of Bose Noise Canceling headphones on was at a Bose store.

But I do own a pair of Extreme Isolation Headphones - very, very nice. Good for studio work where you don't want active noise canceling, because you want to hear exactly what's being recoded - and, like me, you're also in the studio, so you don't want active noise cancellation to filter out the room 'noise', because that's exactly what you are trying to hear.

Just noticed that Direct Sound has designed Serenity Headphones, for when you are looking for active cancellation. Priced a bit lower than the Bose version - but a bit more than a budget version - I'd give 'em a try.

And if you do - let me know how well they work.

[UPDATE: Talked to a Direct Sound guy today - he said that the Serenity Headphones don't use the same drivers, so they won't have the same sound.]

Tim Lytle [05/01/06 11:00:37] | 2 Comments | Stream