Have Some Fun

"Once I got into doing my own taxes, it was kind of fun. I just answered the questions and I was home free."

Hebron Township, Wisconsin

That's from the Turbo Tax site. Guess I'm in for the time of my life this week. Yeah. That's it.

[UPDATE: Their online tax application does some cool looking things. Change focus on an input element and the element's background fades to blue. Of course, not being able to register using Firefox OR IE 7 - well, that's kinda bad.

Of course if you are trying to use their online tax application, and can't seem to register, just start without registering (you get that option at the beginning) and then register from inside the application. It'll open another window, and it seems to register fine then.]

Tim Lytle [03/28/06 16:12:30] | 8 Comments | Stream