Make $$$ With GOOGLE!!!

Ever seen those sites that'll sell you some system to 'make money just using google ads'? We'll Business 2.0 ran an article on how you can do that.

The basic jist is join product referral programs, then pick ads to point to those products. Get the right mix of clicks to conversion - make some money.

I'll see if I can find the article online.

[UPDATE: Here it is, The Merchant of Margaritaville .]

"As a rule of thumb, I start my keyword bid at about 10 percent of the commission amount, which usually puts my ad in the top three spots of the ad column. In this case, I got my desired position for the phrase “Complete Far Side” for a mere 35 cents per click. In the best case, 10 percent of Web surfers who come across my ad will click on it, and 10 percent of those will buy the book. This meant that for each $5 commission I received, I paid roughly $3.50 to Google and pocketed $1.50. Larson’s book took off, and in two months I sold hundreds of copies via my ad."
Tim Lytle [10/31/05 23:39:52] | 20 Comments | Stream