Someone's In Trouble

Okay, got this e-mail a second ago:

Dear fan,
Welcome to Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC). We are happy to have you as a member of our FREE newsletter service. Your email address has been recorded in our database. In the future, you will receive news on Michael Jackson as well as information on MJFC web site updates frequently.

And it came to my main unpublished address. Like the one only real people have. And it's not spam - it's a legit sign up confirmation.

So come on, who did that?

(More disturbing, someone that has my address was actually at Jackson's site.)

[Update: Yeah, I'm blaming Jared. Who woulda thought. Oh, that's right I woulda. First that came to mind.]

Tim Lytle [06/26/05 23:56:23] | 1 Comment | Stream