White, Christian, Rep...

Howard Dean says that the Republican Party is "pretty much a white Christian party." Really? I guess that's why I'm a Republican. Oh, wait...

It's not like the republican party just fought to get a Black judge confirmed. It's not like 70-80% of Americans consider themselves 'Christian'. It's not like Howard is white and considers himself a 'deeply religious Christian'.

Oh wait. It is like that.

You know it really, really irritated me to hear some some pompous know-it-all tell me the 'way it is'. You know what? You have no idea what you're talking about. You think just because you say it, it's true. Or at least you think that since you said it, I should think it's true.

However, there is one party that you can define by fact, and that's your party. The fact is that the Democrat party is pretty much a party of losers.

But what am I complaining about - good job! You're only making yourself and your party look more and more irrelevant.

Putting Howard Dean in charge of the Democratic Party is like putting O.J. Simpson in charge of a battered women's shelter.

-Tammy Bruce
Tim Lytle [06/09/05 22:13:40] | 0 Comments | Stream