Got an e-mail from John Kerry today:

We have only 24 to 48 hours to try and save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
That's right folks. Somewhere in that 24 to 48 hour range the Bush administration is gonna use ANWR to test the new "make vast areas of land disappear" weapon. It'll all be gone. Poof. Just like that. Save it now!
The Republicans are trying to sneak legislation through the Senate approving oil drilling and they are incredibly close to winning. We have to stop them.
Wow, I hate it when they sneak something through the Senate. It's not like there's a whole cable channel dedicated to covering what happens there.
I am joining with Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington) in offering a critical amendment to stop this sneak attack on our environment. We will fight on the floor of the Senate, but we need you by our side.
Okay, John, no one really wants you to help. No really, they don't. Well, you know, I sorta do. Join the fight John. Go for it.
There are seven key Republican Senators whose votes will decide the future of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Senator Specter is one of them. Before they vote, we need to make sure they know that their constituents are watching, and that they will not be able to support drilling without anybody noticing.
A few quick points. Let me get this straight - they're sneaking something through the senate by voting on it? Oh, that's right, you're a Democratic Senator. Your goal in the senate is to avoid voting. Guess that would seem a bit sneaky to you. And who woulda guessed that Specter could be on the fence? Who could see that coming?
The Bush Administration and its oil industry allies want to send a message that they can drill for oil wherever and whenever they want to - even if it means targeting a place as striking, pristine and irreplaceable as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
But John, you don't care about 'targeting' the striking, pristine and irreplaceable middle east? Has that whole outsourcing thing slipped your mind John? And where else should they target? You sorta have to go where the oil is.
They don't care about putting America on a genuine path to energy independence. If they did, they'd support efforts to increase energy conservation and to create clean, renewable sources of energy that no terrorist can sabotage and no foreign government can seize.
But those are all things that can't be completed in the next 4 years - probably not even the next 10 years. Isn't energy independence about being, well, independent? But you're right - terrorists couldn't ever sabotage a hydrogen fuel cell plant, or somehow shutdown the power to our electric cars. Oh, and I'm sure we'd really have a problem with foreign governments seizing the oil from ANWR. Probably happen all the time.
Let me be very direct with you. It is going to take an immediate and impossible-to-ignore display of grassroots support to stop them. That's why your decision to sign our Cantwell-Kerry Amendment Citizens' Roll Call is so crucial.
John Kerry? Direct? I doubt it. Interesting that Kerry is second billed.
P.S. Senator Cantwell, who comes from a state in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, has - at considerable political risk - courageously stepped forward to join me in leading this fight. We need you to help us win it.
John, it's a considerable political risk for anyone to step forward and join you.

But really, I do sorta agree. ANWR isn't the answer. Think Nuclear.

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