Say What?

Hmm, could this be the Lytle Echo Syndrome?

Of course all may not be as it appears. I've heard that there's a reason behind the Eagles rather lethargic 2 minute offense. It's that McNabb was so sick he couldn't even call the plays - someone else did it for him.

Weak excuse? Perhaps, but I have another question. Do you usually get sick while doing something? Isn't usually after you've stopped some physical activity that you start feeling sick? The flu don't hit you in the middle of a game, it's hits you after the game.

But that's not true in the super bowl - it has the longest halftime break of the season. Who knows, maybe the Eagles would have won if it weren't from some British guy singing some decade old songs. Even Rush said he doesn't like the long halftime break - not good for the players.

Guess no matter which way you cut it - Rush was right.

Tim Lytle [02/08/05 22:52:13] | 0 Comments | Stream