Ah yes, the WIR. Figured I do one now that the election is over. Now we can get back to all the important stuff.

Ken Jennings
He lost. On Tuesday. And I didn't see it. With 75 appearances on Jeopardy - what? you don't watch that every night - and 74 wins, Ken took home over 2.5 million. Before taxes. The final answer?

"This company has a workforce of 17000 people, whose average working year is only 4 months long."
His question: "Who is FedEx". The right question - who is H&R block.

But it's not all bad news - seems H&R block think this is gonna make a great ad campaign. So that could be the most profitable question he got wrong. And really, he may make more money losing Jeopardy then winning it.

Tom Brokaw
Another thing I didn't see was Brokaw's last night. Oh well. I'll get over it. The next night his replacement - Brian Williams - won the ratings, but how hard can that be when you're only competing with two other broadcasts and one is CBS.

Dan Rather
Yup, I didn't see Rather's retirement announcement either - although I did hear it from another room.

You and I may know of Dan as a rather wacky Texas born, gun pulling, bizarre quote saying, shotgun chambering, heroin testing, anchor desk leaving, memo finding, extremely biased newsman. But Peggy Noonan's article this week shows Dan as a person. It's definitely worth the read, a good perspective on why he's the way he is - coming from a conservative that used to work with him. Actually used to write for him.


Leaving So Soon?
The mass exodus of cabinet members continues. I've never seen this happen. At least not since the last administration. Or the one before that. Or the one before that.

And look who's in the new cabinet. You'd think the President was appointing just those people who will help him get done the things he wants. Unheard of.

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