Week In Review

[This week a collaboration. Sorta like voting. It's the will of the readers.]

A Clear Choice
Candidates often say that there is one, and this week we've seen that to be true. A very clear choice was made. Hard to believe isn't it? For some reason you'd think that supporters of President Bush were the minority. Apparently not. They're just maybe not the loudest. Or the most obnoxious.

And it's seems they're still not. Nuff said.

Who's Stupid?
Hmmm...A nude Canadian jumps into the wheel well of a moving plane this week and the rest of the world wants to talk about how stupid we Americans are? A guy can strip naked, sprint across a runway and try to get a free plane ride on the outside of the plane, while Americans choose, with both the electoral and popular vote, to elect an honest, respectable man...a man who has already proven he can do the job, a man who has integrity and values human life...to be their president, and you’re concerned about our intelligence? Very Interesting...

Something Grand
I went to the polls early Tuesday morning and was struck by something very simple and yet profound at the same time. It was here that I was greeted by the normally friendly poll workers that always seem to be there giving a helping hand. It was there that I saw neighbors, some familiar, some not. I saw those like a family friend, a staunch Democrat, standing by his Jeep with a friendly smile. It was here that I found a sense of community; a sense of commonness. We were all in the same boat; feeling the pride of doing our civic duty...together. It didn't seem to matter that my neighbor was a die hard Democrat and I was a red-blooded Christian conservative. There was a sense of comradery and community. We shared friendly conversation and a few laughs. The division of the campaign seemed so far away. Could this be what still makes America great? Could our leaders learn a lesson from the people they serve? Maybe.

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