I don't usually comment about sports. That's because I usually don't care that much, or don't know that much. Or both. But I will throw out my picks for the world series. I'm rooting for Boston to beat New York - right now it looks like that's gonna happen, and I'm hoping that the Astros take St. Louis.

Now before you start thinking I have some grudge against the Yankees because they've like won the world series more times then it's actually been played, and that I any team that has a bird for a mascot - let me tell ya, it's not like that.

I just want to see Texas play Massachusetts the week before the election. I'm not a sports fan, I'm just a shameless political hack.

[Update: And I want to see a sweep.]

Tim Lytle [10/20/04 23:29:23] | 4 Comments | Stream