Year In Review

Giving the week in review a break. Not that it's a bad week - lot's of material this week. Maybe I can convince Bobby to guest post about how republicans don't die. Maybe. But this week I'll take a break for a year in review. Yup, one year since the first post. Yippe!

One year and I still try to 'save', well, everything. Athough Jesse isn't the only one who read this blog - at least I don't think he is - I still have to tell him. Not sure if this is still scary - but speaking of comments, the most comments on a post is 6, with three post's having 6 comments. Come on - break that tie.

Almost forgot about the VDP EULA and what started it, but can't ever forget Harry, Lloyd, and Peety. I think this was thier first post. And here's a few more.

And the google obsession has been a steady thread. Then there's been all the sound relevent technichal advice. Not to mention the intensely personal posts.

The bandwagon started around the same time as the Roy Moore posts. Which was around the same time as Joe Boxer. Fun fun.

Then there the post no one commented on. Well there's a lot of them, just the one no one commented on on purpose.

A few photoblogs here and there. And then there's the google bomb. But neither are as common as the almost weekly week in review. Of course that seemed to cut down on the more carefree posts. Sorta like the bandwagon. I think everyone fell off. Except for Gabe and his very sparse Moron Magnets.

Two cents ain't what it used to be, but say Happy Birthday to the blog, even though you didn't say Happy Birthday to me.

And I'm not spell checking this post - just for you Harry.

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