And That's Mine

Walmart wouldn't give me the photos I had them print. They said I needed to show them a release from the photographer - because they were 'professional photos'. I guess I should take that as a complement. If only it wasn't so annoying.

Me: I'd like my photos.

Her: I can't give them to you until I see a release form.

Me: I took the photo.

Her: Well, someone did the graphics.

Me: I did that too.

Her: I need proof.


Her: Well what company do you work for?

Me: I just took the photo. For me.

This went on for a while. Finally I filled out a form as the photographer giving permission to the person with the form - that would be me - to make prints. Best part. I had to fill out when the permission ends. Seems I can get prints of the images until January 1st 2006.

She said I should make up a letter - to avoid all this the next time. So I'll write me and say I can make as many copies of my work that I want.

Tim Lytle [05/22/04 18:40:55] | 0 Comments | Stream