The Last Jihad

Read The Last Jihad when I was in New York. Might write a longer review later, but for now - it was excellent! Should be read by every one who thinks the US shouldn't have gone into Iraq. Yeah, I know - it's just fiction. Right, that means the ending might have been worse.

In comparison to, say, Clancy - because he's been compared to him - let me say that in my opinion the writing is much better. Much better. And Rosenberg don't rely on 'strong' language to seem 'authentic'.

Can't wait to get my hands on 'The Last Days' - as soon as I find a local library that has it.

[Rosenberg was at a screening for 'The Passion'. Seems he was pretty impressed. It'll be interesting to see what it's like. From the negative press about it - I'd say it could turn out to be real good. :-)]

Tim Lytle [10/28/03 22:00:54] | 0 Comments | Stream