Toto? We're not in...

Ah...the sweet smell of secure shell in the evening.

Have just started transitioning my site from my current server to a new one. Decided to go with two servers. One allows some pretty advanced ssh access, the other has much more (and cheaper) space, and supports IMAP access.

Unfortunately do to the way each host wants to be keeping the DNS for hosted domains I can't use the same domain for both. So I got a new domain name for the IMAP server.

Go ahead - guess what it stands for. :-)

Just waiting for the DNS records to get updated - then things will start to move faster. (Although I am working on getting PHP/MySQL and the API I use installed on the web server).

Oh, and I do mean guess. Someone thought fldn stood for:

"flying legions of demonic nerds"

So take a stab at it. What's fldn stand for?

Tim Lytle [10/21/03 22:19:56] | 0 Comments | Stream