Well, Schwarzenegger announced today that he's running for Governor. Along with half the population of California. Must admit - it'd be interesting to see what he does if he gets elected. It's not like he'd get into politics for the money or power - he's like already got that.

Here's what he has to say to Davis - "Hasta la vista baby." Yeah - that's a quote. Listening to his announcement tonight - it seems like he has a decent platform. Definitely not that 'political', but seems to know what his talking about. Another quote, "I have enough money, no one can pay me off." He, he, he. On Hillary's comment supporting Davis - "She is a democrat, what else is she going to say?"

And we all know what happens if he doesn't win. Yeah - that's right - "I'll be back."

Interesting note - his wife is a democrat, and of course you know he's a republican.

Tim Lytle [08/07/03 00:05:47] | 6 Comments | Stream