To everyone. jdbgmgr.exe is not a virus. It's just a harmless little Java debugger. No, I don't know why it has a bear icon. You want proof it's not a virus? Here's proof. And more proof.

For future reference – if there's a known virus, McAfee and Norton do detect it – just update you virus definitions. I mean, what do you think would happen? “Oh, look there's a new virus and out scanners don't detect it. Let's not update our definitions to find it.” C'mon, you can find it by doing a search, and the guys who develop the algorithms for heuristic scanning can't find it? I think not. And yeah – they knew about the virus before the person who forwarded that message to you did. They get paid to know.

So don't believe the friend who got it from a friend who heard from a friend who's second cousin's grandma's bridge club partner had her whole computer and the disks lying near it erased. Not to mention her CDs scratched, and her goldfish died, and...

[Note: This post was done in a spirit of humor. Please don't hate me 'cause I'm right. I just find it funny how much trust is placed in a mass forwarded e-mail. Enough to start deleting files from your computer? At that point you're the virus, and your the one spreading the virus. Think about it.]

Tim Lytle [07/30/03 17:16:01] | 2 Comments | Stream