Was clicking around google - I do that every once and a while to see what new things they've come up with - and found, yes, some interesting stuff. Real stuff. I think I'm gonna get me one of these. Why? 'Cause it looks cool.

Google Answers seems to be doing rather well. When they start accepting researcher applications again I think I may send one in.

Probably the most well received form of online advertisement is Google 'Ad Words'. Well, they've just got better. Now your site can benefit from the concept of non-obtrusive, content related ads. Yep - now the ads aren't just based on search keyword, they're based on the content of your page.

In my googleing travels I stopped by Froogle and did this search. I may need to buy a few of those. I'm running low on my supply.

The newest thing from the Labs is Google Compute - a part of the Toolbar. And if you don't have the new beta yet - you should. If only for the pop-up blocking features.

And if you're using a Cell Phone or PDA there's Google Wireless. Or you could just call them. Whatever.

[Update: Personal Sites can not participate in the new Google Ad Sense program. Arg.]

Tim Lytle [07/26/03 13:44:28] | 16 Comments | Stream