Connect Up

Went to the Microsoft TS2 Windows 2003 Server event. Learned new phrases like, 'Connect Up', 'Share Out', 'Define Down', 'Building Out' along with other Microsoft phrases. I also got a copy of Windows 2003 server. Not bad. Something new to play with. I wonder how well it runs games? I guess I could find out. My brother's computer may need a new operating system. Whatdaya think?

[Let us give context. It was 'You can connect up to a server', 'When you share out a folder', 'When you define down permissions', 'If you're building out an application'. I'm sure you now see how easy it is to form Microsoft verb-direction phrases. But before you try, read the Microsoft verb-direction phrase EULA.]

Tim Lytle [06/24/03 20:52:47] | 2 Comments | Stream