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[The following contains Tim's recollection of one or more conversations. Please realize that they are a recollection and should not be considered a direct quote. Or, for that matter, an indirect quote.]

Tonight I was talking to someone. No, really I was. And she reads this blog. Yeah. That takes the grand total to three, or maybe even four people who read this. We're growing by leaps and bounds people. Anyway, this is what she said in reference to this blog.

"Your blog scares me."

Upon hearing this I did what any other person would do. I asked why.

"Because it's your thoughts."

Needless to say, I found the response quite amusing. It also caused me to think how I could continue the high standard that now seemed to be set. How could I ensure that this blog would continue to scare people. And do that in a manner similar to how it has been done. Then it happened. I talked to my brother. Actually, he talked to me.

"Hey, you need like a way to say stuff, and a way to see people's comments."

Update [Jesse - who I still have to tell to read the blog - says that he was much clearer. He says he said, "You need a comment area for your blog... and a way to view comments". Perhaps he did. I doubt it.]

"You mean I have to let people comment on my blog?"

He continued his argument by saying that all the good blogs allow comments. Unfortunately he couldn't name one that did. In fact every one that we could think of didn't but his suggestion made me realize the one thing that could continue the scariness. Your thought. Yes, I know. Truly scary.

I need to jump back into the commentless php code that does, well, whatever it does and add comment support. Hopefully this new level of scariness will be working by tomorrow. Until then, something truly scary (yes I know it's a good thing - I just find it scary) that's not my thoughts.

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