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That went fast...

Here’s a token post the last possible day, just so 2011 doesn’t end up being the only year I’ve not written a blog post. Well, on this blog - eleswhere:

Getting an OAuth Access Token from the Command Line

Transit Hackers Take Philly for a Ride

CloudMine: Replacing Devs or Making Them More Efficient?

ODesk: An API You Can Work With

See, it’s really easy for me to come up with a ‘best of the year’ list any more - with Twitter, Google Plus, and the occasional Facebook lurking I don’t post here - or anywhere - like I used to do.

Maybe that will change in 2012. Not that anyone probably reads this anymore.

(Oh, and comments disabled due to the super smart spam bots that seem to have figured out how to post to my obfuscated form elements. So even if you did read this, I’d have no way of knowing. But Happy New Year anyway.)

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