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'Talk Show'

Yeah, it's old news now, but in case you missed it, here's Rush and The Jay Leno Show. It's great to here an actually intellectual discussion on this kind of TV show. You know, one that doesn't should something like, "Yeah, like the planet needs to be saved, and like since we're like actors and stuff, like famous, we need to live up to like ourselves and do something about it."

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And all my PHP code is gluten free. The programmer on the other hand...

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Fall Flyer

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While the outburst from Joe Wilson (really, what is it about people names Joe opposing Candidate and now President Obama) is getting the most attention - I think the most outrageous thing is the way these 'myths' are 'debunked'. Watch:

All you need to do is say it isn't true, and NBC puts another myth in the debunked column. Is your free browser toolbar labeled 'spyware'? Just debunk in - "No, it's not spyware". Apparently that's good enough. From now on MythBusters will simply read a myth, say it's not true, and declare it 'busted'. Snopes is no longer needed, just reply with, "that's a myth". And when Dick Cheney is grilled about the CIA's techniques, he'll just look sternly at the questioner and it will be auto-debunked.

Or maybe that's not the way it works, at least over here in reality.

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