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Smerconish: Health Care = Racist

I offered Springer my theory that something else is driving the protests. Three weeks ago, I told him, I couldn't buy a call to my radio show for a conversation about health care. Single-payer? Public option? Radio death. But not now. What changed? Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. Crowley ignited a racial debate that propelled itself all the way to the Rose Garden. The country rehashed - again - the repeatedly disproved notion that the president isn't a citizen of the United States. And from there the frenzy continued to escalate. Sure, health care is a small part of it. So is the sluggish economy. But I think the nastiness is in large part the latest incarnation of the lurking hostility toward President Obama
- Web annotation on Michael Smerconish: Jerry explains town-hall madness
Tim Lytle [08/20/09 15:46:52] | 24 Comments | Point

I'd Vote For Him

Is there someplace where I could vote for this guy? These are the kind of people that would bring about the 'change' this country really needs. No, I'm not saying our elected officials should be giving out guns, I'm saying they should have some kind of grounded common sense.

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