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Testing QR Generation

Trying to mash a little QR code generation with lightbox. Make it easy to get a Mindstream URL on your phone.

QR Code Test

Here's the code, really really simple:

<a rel="lightbox" title="QR Code - Powered by"
QR Code Test
Currently it's using the script on - I hope to find a php script (or write one) to host the generation locally

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Dogbert Style Politics

I'd say a few more CEO's should take Dogbert's stand.
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Hulu FTL

Just showed Dad boxee with hulu. And then they go and do this.

I must ask the major corporations behind this move - are you stupid? Really, can you not understand how this all works? Are you clueless about why people capture and share your content in ways you hate so much?

Fox & NBC, hulu was a great move. This is not.

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Bad, Bad Programmer

After just watching Chrome (Windows OS) hover at over 90% of my CPU (with only one tab open Jesse), and routinely seeing a few tabs in Firefox kill my other (Ubuntu OS) system's resources - while at other times I can sail along fine with absurd amounts of windows and tabs open - I realized, it's just bad programming.

No, I'm not blaming the developers of the popular (and even unpopular) web browsers - they deserve a pat on the back for how robust their code and rendering needs to be (except when they break standards on purpose - bad Microsoft). It's the guy who goes to client meetings in a tee shirt and jeans, calls himself a 'designer', then tells the client that he knows javascript just because he's heard of this 'prototype thing' that he downloaded yesterday.

I blame him.

Used to be that 'programming' was done by that guy over there. You didn't know what he did, or how he did it, just that he could take those 53 steps you went through every month and give you a program that did it all for you. And better than you could do. He was 'the sorcerer'. You needed something done, you went to him.

It's not like that anymore. With every new browser, with every step of web computing, more and more is demanded from what started simply as way to format text documents. Now, thanks to web 2.0, cloud computing, and ajax, that guy in the tee shirt is running programs on your computer every day, and he can't even correctly close a link tag without dreamweaver.

Every time I visit a site, I'm potentially allowing horribly written code to run on my computer. I'm not downloading anything, I'm not installing anything, I'm just following a link. And I can only hope that my browser is smart enough to kill that code before it's killed by that code.

The problem with the new era of web centric computing? It's that everyone can be a programmer. And that's not good.

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Since it all started here, this is a re-post of what's at AO right now.

The Week in Review - Fries With That - been called both, and it's back. All the news you didn't hear, or the news you did with the good dose of sarcasm news needs. It's a light review this week as we get everything going. And if you thing you have something that needs to be included, let us know. Now on to the the news.

Blarney Frank
Representative Blarney Frank - perhaps best known for trying to talk over Bill O'Reilly - has a message for bankers: "People really hate you, and they’re starting to hate us because we’re hanging out with you. And you have to help us deal with that." Looks like Washington is now a lot like High School. I guess the bankers are the new kids. But Blarney, I really don't think you were ever at the popular table. If people hate the bankers more than you, it's only because they don't really know who you are. And what you've done. Like when the Bush administration wanted tighter regulations on lending and you opposed it.

The Professional
Being number one is hard - there's always someone trying to top you. When it comes to flubbing oaths, Joe Biden is out to prove no one else can come close, most recently having trouble swearing in Hillary Clinton. You hear that Justice Roberts? Back off. Of course maybe he was just a little more nervous than usual. He's first in the line of succession, and now she's fourth - if you get my drift.

Lawyers Win
New ground has been won in the similar sex marriage campaign. After filing a lawsuit that eventually let to legalization of same sex marriage in Massachusetts, and then of course becoming a legally married couple, Julie and Hillary Goodridge have decided to continue their remarkable leadership. They've recently filed for divorce - not a surprise since they announced their separation in 2006. In any case, it looks like the real winner is lawyers. Hey, it certainly isn't marriage.

Still Making News
Plumber turned political celebrity, 'Joe the Plumber' was the featured guest at a republican aid meeting. No, not a meeting about giving aid to the failing party, but a meeting of aides to congressional republicans. The move may puzzle some, now that the new administration has strengthen its ties to Joe the Plumber. Not long after the plumber's critique of Obama's tax plan, supporters pointed out that Joe hadn't paid some of his own taxes. It is now clear that the quick identification was only possible because of the new administrations expertise in tax avoidance.

Reality Hits
It's a tough economy. Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich recently lost his job due to some misunderstandings when he tried to auction off former Senator and now President Barack Obama's vacant seat. That and he was impeached. But thanks to hope, change and professional wrestling, he's got another offer . The good folks at TNA Wrestling are huge fans of the "Illinois style of politics", and have offered him the job of chairman of...something I guess. And of course, if he declines, he's free to sell it to the highest bidder.

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Change I Can Believe In

While it is tooting my own horn - there's a rather good article on AO right now:

While I am sure most already know to what I am referring - for those who are still out of touch, to those who may still think they are not - or will not be - affected, on behalf of the rest of the American people, let me be clear, let me bring this down to your level, let me condense this great tragic crisis to a single word:
Read "The Coming Crisis" at

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GDoc Down

Not what you want to see when you're writing the next AO article.

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