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Something to Cling To

Jesse Cabelas tomorrow?

me Sure. What for?

Jesse To have more things to cling to.

me So you're looking for Bibles?

Jesse no

me Ohhh, guns.

Jesse yup yup

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Déjà Vu?

Here a poll that shows people think we should close Gitmo, but keep doing things the same way. With the exception of 20% more thinking future detainees should be housed inside the US, the rest of the poll shows that while Gitmo is unpopular, the (some times slim) majorty side with pretty much what we're already doing.

Except they'd send the low priority detainees back to their country of origin, where they'll probably be treated worse, or killed. But that's not much different - isn't Gitmo worse than death?

Also revealing is the lack of a clear popular choice, except to close Gitmo.

Ah, that is Americans.

(Note: Check AO tomorrow for a related post.)

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$600 million to address shortages and prepare our country for universal healthcare... --American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill (pg 10)
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Finished For Now

Got it in the room last week, right before we left for Indiana.

No Sam, you can't burn it.

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What's It Worth?

Okay, I promise no more contract job posts for a while. I just couldn't resist when I saw these:

"This is an ongoing job and I am looking to pay someone about $75 a week to work about 5 hours a day on the site(5 days a week)."

And here was a posting looking for, "Full Time PHP/SQL/JS GENIUS":

"We are looking for one person who can commit their entire life to working on our environment 100%! BUDGET: 48 hours a week for $550. 8 hours a day, 6 days a week."
$550 a week and all you give them is your life. Now if only I could get some quick cash for my soul...

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Just updated mindstream with some new spam resistant comment stuff. If you're interested in that kind of thing, check out the source of a page with a comment form.

Didn't want to go the 'submit using javascript' route (for all those without javascript), and didn't want to go the CAPTCHA route, because let's face it, their a pain. And anymore, I can't pass CAPTCHAs. So it's all tamper resistant, bot trapping plain old HTML (and server side processing).

Then I cleaned out the comment spam from the last month or so. Went from 3000 to a little under 500. Yeah.

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Too True

It's bad when you do this to yourself. "You know what we could have done..."
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Shooting Star

Here's another great contract bid request. Any contract programming buyers out there interested in what actual programmers think about some of these job requests - here it is:

* You must be star, as in expert.
How about expert as in expert.

* You must have YOUR OWN portfolio to back it up.
Does this mean you want someone whos portfolio reflects their own projects, and not contract jobs they work on? Because, really, what other portfolio would the be?

* You must be available 40 hours per week for consistent hours. ( I don't care what your schedule is, but if it is 9-5pm, then you had better be at your computer for all of those hours working on my assignments. )
I think what you're looking for here is employee. Yeah, I understand that some contract workers take exclusive contracts. But really, isn't the point of working contract (at least in this case where the contract isn't for a binding term) having multiple jobs for security?

* You must have a reliable internet connection.
Why would you even need to put this in? Unless you expect 100% reliable. But then, the internet isn't 100% reliable.

* You must get tasks complete with detail oriented programming. ( I need someone who thinks, not a robot on a task list. I need you to look ahead and behind and keep an eye out for what the task list problems and effects can be. )
Detail Oriented Programming - had not heard of that programming methodology yet.

* You must have ALL of the following.

1. PHP - Advanced knowledge, including frameworks, SVN, Zend certified preferred.
2. MySQL - Goes with the territory for PHP.
3. AJAX - And all the things considered such, even when they really aren't.
Now there's clarity.
4. CSS - I am a CSS master, so I will know if you aren't on the level.
Ewww...CSS Master. You're going to be great fun to work with.
5. XHTML - Your markup should be clean, and only necessary.
Kinda like that sentence, huh.

Do you think you have what it takes?
What? Low self-esteem, and the desire to work with unrealistic expectations?
I will not settle for disappointment.
So when things don't go your way, what exactly to you settle for?
I only want someone who can provide the best code, on the tightest deadlines we will not get along.
Best Code - Tightest Deadlines: Generally those two don't go together. But I'm pretty you got the last part nailed.

Here's the best part, they've never hired anyone for more than $16/hour. Amazing.

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