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Look, I'm on TV!

BBC Technology Program (or Programme) Click, recently interviewed me for a feature they did on remote workers, due to my work on oDesk. I'm around 16 minutes into their current show, and so is the rest of the family.

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Welcome Back

Well, we're back. Seems like a little less than a year and a half is a good blogging break. Especially when you get married, buy a house, and become a parent. Because who blogs about that kind of stuff? Blogs are for random updates on every day life, for witty political commentary, and for technology ramblings.

I just couldn't figure out what my, 'Hey, I'm Married Now!' post should be, then there was a server change rendering the old code the blog ran on useless - so a year and some change later, with brand a new barely tested blogging system, and I bunch of life changing events later - we're back.

July 15th, 2007 - We were married right on Lake Ontario in Mexico, NY at sunset. It was a beautiful day, with friends and family. All the photos are at our photographer's site, and you can check out the family blog. It's been quite the year and a half of married life. We bought our house 2 days before we were married. Went on a 'road trip' from Alexandria Bay, to Niagara Falls, to Lake Erie, to Cedar Point (and rode every 4 & 5 rollercoaster in one day), to Goasis, back to Indiana. Moved two boxes of stuff from Indiana to PA, and only had two or three things break. Broke down on the trip (the Kid came out and towed the car, and us, back). Ripped some ugly mirrors off the living room wall. Visited New York City. Spackled and painted (oil based primer is the way to go) the Living Room. Found out we were going to have a baby. Spent our first Christmas in our first home. Picked out our first tree. Decided to paint the bathroom. Gutted the bathroom, removed a closet, drywalled, primed and painted the bathroom. Started remodeling the new bedroom/office - drywall, sanding, spackle. Bought a new mattress (wow, it's nice). Mom & Dad from Indiana visited. Celebrated our first anniversary. Yes, quite the first year.

And just a few weeks into our second year of marriage, Ella arrived. July 22nd, early in the morning, our beautiful little girl was born. It's been amazing to watch the changes in the close to four months she's been around. She's bigger, she's talking (well, her version which is sometimes screaming as loud as she can, then smiling at us), and she just started the transition from milk to cheese steak. The first step it turns out is mixing some flaky rice stuff in with the milk. We're well on our way. The one thing that hasn't change though, is just how incredibly cute she is. Shelia, our wedding photographer, took one month and three month photos - she's an amazing photographer.

Server changes made the old blog system unusable (based off a very old, and never qute finished php framework). So the blog is now running on 'mindstream', an alpha version of a blog/tumblog style publishing system. More on that later.

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