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Got a card today that reminded me of something:

It reminded me of a birthday card I got in the mail years ago (four years ago I believe) from a wonderful friend. I still have the card, it meant so much - just like the one today. Except she's no longer just a friend, she's my best friend and the woman I love. And she'll be my wife in just a little more than a week.

For me, that's what's good about 25.

Tim Lytle [06/03/07 01:46:34] | 1 Comment | Point

Together Again

Finally, after being apart for far too long, we're back together. It's been real hard being away, life just hasn't been the same - it's really like something was missing. I felt lost, at times confused, but now - now we're together again.

So I picked up the TabletPC today - had to go in 'cause the screen was displaying weird colors and lines. By the time they were done both the LCD panel and the motherboard were replaced. Nice.

Tim Lytle [06/01/07 17:37:31] | 0 Comments | Point