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Another TextMark

Got two textmarks on the featured list now, Bible and Ping

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Want to test out LAMP hosting? Play with a few php/MySQL scripts? Not have to worry about hosting?

Get a free LAMP hosting account at

Looks cool for smaller personal sites.

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Political Stage

Well, looks like YouTube might be an interesting outlet of political ideas. Currently they're featuring presidential candidate's profiles - the current one is Mitt Romney.

Of course, you can always count on social sites for well thought out and reasonable commentary from the general populous:

Let's see if you have what it takes to rid America of the neo-Zionists and AIPAC's influence. Unless you say it out loud, I won't vote for you and I'm a Republican.

Right, we're in more danger from them neo-Zionists than, oh say, terrorists.

About a year or so ago, he did a 180 on just about all issues from abortion, gay marriage or any other hot button for republicans.

I am not republican, but just thought you would like to know from an insider this guy is as fake as they come. A real player.

True? I don't know, but I'm sure the 'not republican' is objective.

At least he isn't as bad as Bush what a RETARD

You're making this too easy.

Nothing personal Mitt, but I am sick and tired of republican corruption and incompetence. Its time for a change. Its time for leadership that cares about the middle and lower economic class.

That's right, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and Algore care about the middle and lower class.

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Got this from AVG:

A potential threat for broadband routers has been announced. The exploit is popularly called "Drive-by Pharming". This new threat has the potential to allow an attacker to gain control over a user's broadband router and home network thus allowing the attacker to steal private information, install malware, or use the home network to distribute spam. The attacker would do this by creating a web site that pretended to be a legitimate web site such as a bank or online shopping site. When a user visited the site, malicious JavaScript embedded in the site would then launch and reconfigure the router to use the attacker's DNS servers instead of those prescribed by the user's ISP. DNS servers are similar to directories that cross reference information, similar to phone books. All computers on the internet have a numerical reference called an IP address. DNS servers cross reference web site names ( to the numerical address. Therefore, once the router is reconfigured, the attacker can redirect any name entered to a malicious site of his choice.

While there are no known cases of this particular exploit actually in use, proof of concept code has shown it to be possible and effective. Fortunately, simply changing the default administrative password of the router easily mitigates the risk! All broadband routers are shipped with an administrative account and a default password, usually something like "password" or "admin" and most users never change these to a stronger password. This is a relatively easy task, the user would just need to log into the router's IP address (usually something like or and log in with the default password - see the documentation or go to one of the online databases such as to determine the password. Then set a new password and you have mitigated the risk!

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Crorect Tish

Here's something for Harry, in case he ever tires of correcting my spelling.

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Make a Mark

Even though some think it useless, the ping TextMark is in the top of the TextMark directory.

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Backup Offer

Carbonite finished the backup of my audio files a few days ago. I started the trial a couple of weeks back. Couldn't keep it running all the time, but I had it up most of the time. So now there's 18 gig (yeah, 18 gig) of digital audio backed up on the Carbonite servers.

I like the system - while you can't backup network drives, or anything but local drives on a windows installation (as far as I know) - it does seem useful as a backup for things you keep on your local machine. In my case, the source files for the recordings I'm working on when I record outside the studio.

So a good choice if you travel with your work, when your documents are on your laptop. And if you're a single computer user without local network storage.

Try it yourself, use offer code "Bzz".

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Important Stuff

Need to store important stuff? Try Clipperz - More than a password manager.

It uses javascript to encrypt your data before sending it to the storage server, so the data should be safe.

I'm toying with the same kind of idea for my client's remote backups. I can't guarantee that the web servers I rent have the security needed to protect their sensitive files, but that doesn't matter if the data is encrypted before it's sent, it should be fine.

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Trip Weather

This is a cool utility for weather when traveling.

[Note: Aforementioned utility does not warn about the condition of your tires.]

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Pack up the kids, we're moving to Mexico.

Okay, so there's no kids, but still the world's second (or is it third) largest city, now with free wifi - that's better than the service I get.

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