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Online PDF Viewer

Just finished up a kinda 'proof-of-concept' for an online PDF viewer (not the Acrobat plugin, completely web based). Hammer together ghostscript, ImageMagick, and Lightbox, and here's what you get.

It's got a ways to go, but it's a start. It's not live yet, seems the links on the side are static, so I'd have to change them all the reflect the new file name (.php not .htm).

I wonder who the last webmaster was...leaving me a bunch of static pages...

[Note: Before you tell me what's wrong with it, and that the shadow doesn't cover the whole page, and that the navigation covers text - I know, it's not final yet. What on the web is?]

Tim Lytle [02/28/07 21:48:35] | 2 Comments | Point

Going Postal

Looks like google is hiring from the US Postal Service, because I'm not getting to my e-mail.

Can't get to gmail in my browser, can't get there in my phone, anyone else having this problem?

Tim Lytle [02/27/07 09:42:58] | 0 Comments | Point

Open ID

I going to need to have a login system at the main site, and plan on using OpenID. Basically, users with an OpenID would be able to sign in using their existing ID, and users without would create an OpenID at

OpenID is a distributed identity system, on other words it proves that you, and you alone, own the ID. It is not an authority or permission system. Check out this OpenID webcast to get an overview.

Oh, and Harry, the narrator has a British accent.

So what do you think? Kinda like passport, without being passport.

Tim Lytle [02/24/07 09:58:18] | 10 Comments | Point

It's A Picnic

Check out this online photo editing app. For just the simple stuff like: straighten, color balance, exposure settings, red eye - it works kinda nice. It'll grab your photos from photo sharing sites, just a URL (it'll get the photos off the page), or your computer.

No, won't replace a full fledged raster editing application, but for quick we stuff - looks kinda nice.

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Moving Up

Just noticed the business site was #9 (is #11, arg there goes the first page) for a "avg consulting" search in google.

But really, what's better than being mentioned in Anne's blog? Google? I don't think so. Maybe I could just get her to mention I resell AVG.

Now that's a marketing ploy.

Tim Lytle [02/21/07 11:55:10] | 0 Comments | Point

Control vrs Security

37signals has a good post about permissions in web applications.

(37signals - basecamp, tada list, backpackti, etc.)

Tim Lytle [02/15/07 17:54:47] | 1 Comment | Point

24 to Real Life

This season of 24 has rouge Russians working with Islamic terrorists. And in real life:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had a busy week. In Munich, he blasted U.S. foreign policy in terms so harsh that many analysts wonder if he is trying to trigger a new Cold War. From there, he headed to Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Jordan, and continued pursuing his aggressive agenda of dramatically expanding Moscow's military alliances throughout the Arab and Islamic world.

You can read more at Joel Rosenberg's blog.

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The Blog Talker

Well, here we go. Internet talk radio for the masses.

Of course a quick look seems to show quite the liberal following. Haven't signed up yet. Looks like it's all via phone, can probably use an soft client to connect a studio feed to their call-in number. Don't want to use a cell - from what I've seen (heard) cell phones don't do a great job transmitting complex audio.

I think I'll give it a try, at least to play with the features, they queue up the callers, let the host connect them - all very interesting and potential cool, but we'll see how well it all really works.

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Free Stuff

If you're doing web design, you might want to check out for some free design elements.

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Plus It Does

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