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Ubuntu Thoughts

Put together a new computer for the parents - and since it'll be acting as both a desktop and a fileserver (because the current house server will be staying with me) I figured it might be time to try ubuntu.

I've only ever worked with command line linux before - except for the short time I spend using my Zaurus - so I'm really liking the different desktop choices, and the separation of the actual OS and the desktop environment.

I'm just wondering once I install a few desktops (Gnome and KDE), will the software I install for one need to be installed again on the other?

Still learning how all this works. I figure the graphical interface to things like apache and samba will all connect to the common services, But what about things like Firefox - how will that work between desktops. Or what about the user's home directory, and the user's desktop - will it contain the same files in both KDE and Gnome?

Haven't been able to install on a RAID partition yet either - I think it might be that the RAID hardware on the mainboard requires drivers that don't have a linux equivalent yet. We'll see...

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A Merry Christmas To All..

That's right, Merry Christmas - not just Season's Greetings (how exactly does the season greet) or Happy Holidays (nope, not giving a blanket 'happy' wish for any holiday you choose), and definitely not a 'Happy Winter Day' (I hear that's been pushed back due to global warming).

So go ahead and have a Merry Christmas, ignore the thin skinned Scrooges that think if they can't be happy about the birth of Christ, neither can anyone else.

Have a wonderful day, but for now - Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

[Because I'm shutting down, packing up, and getting some sleep before we jump on a plane back east.]

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More On Contract Jobs

From another contract site:

True YouTube Clone $1000-3000 - We're a popular entertainment site built on PostNuke (PHP) and are now looking to add YouTube functionality to our site.

Yeah, clone YouTube for three grand. Not a problem. How about Google for 5 grand, maybe clone Windows for somewhere around 10.

More from the bid:

***You MUST have experience building video sharing sites.
***You MUST send us links to LIVE, WORKING video sharing sites that you have built. NO SCREENGRABS.
***You MUST be able to provide the basic video sharing script within 2 days of winning the bid (and upon payment by us), with customization to take place afterward. We are asking for this because we want to insure that you have built such sites before and are NOT doing a custom-build for us.
Oh so they're now offering a couple thousand to the people who have already have a code base. Somehow already have code that fits the project, but that's not for public sale, and they want these experienced coders to do a full customization for less than what that code is worth.

But wait, there's more:

If you've never built a video sharing site, DO NOT BID. You are only wasting our time and yours.
If the site you built isn't live or does not work, DO NOT BID. You are only wasting our time and yours.
Even if I had built a video sharing site - something tells me I still wouldn't bid.

If you do not include the requested information, your bid will AUTOMATICALLY be declined. No excuses. No exceptions. Please--we're a serious business and you should be too.
I gotta think that the actual 'serious businesses' are serious enough to automatically ignore this job.

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A Nice Blend

Join us for a nice blend of Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Christmas Carols this Saturday at the Cappuccino Caffe in Emmaus:

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