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A glass CD - don't get much better than that.

Supposedly near perfect sound reproduction.

Think that's crazy? Realize that some sound guys say different hard drives play sound better than others.

Tim Lytle [10/29/06 23:01:02] | 1 Comment | Point


Wow, just found out today that a endless loop of a recursive function will crash php. Not that I expect it to keep going endlessly, but it would be nice if I got more information than just a message in the apache error log of 'segmentation fault'.

Yup, no line number, no error explanation. Just a nice little crash.

Installed the xdebug extension, and that pointed me to the right function. (Good thing too, 'cause I had another function in the cross hairs.)

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Dell Again

Trying to chat with dell, every minute or so a 'you are trying to download this file' dialog box appears.

Tim Lytle: "(BTW, I still keep getting a 'download this file' message, every minute or so, can you stop that?)"

10/15/2006 09:21:51PM tAgent (DELETED): "I am sorry, I would not be able to do that."

Then the chat window stopped letting me type anything.

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Code Running

Ever just write some code - no real testing, just writing the whole thing straight through - then head to bed, wake up the next morning and find that it runs perfectly?

Me neither, but got kinda close last night.

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Dell Again

So a tech comes today - a half hour after the 2 hour windows he gave me - and spends the next few house just trying to figure out how to open the computer and remove the video card.

Then after replacing the video card, he finds that he can't boot the computer. Seems he left something unplugged.

Booting the machine we see that the blue lines are gone, ah, but now once XP starts the screen goes all twisted.

So he replaces the LCD panel with the one they sent, not the same as the one in the computer (this one is missing the extra special coating) and guess what - same results.

Ah, now I guess I have to try the software reinstall - because guess what folks, video problems after the BIOS could be software.

And once I get that fixed, all we have to do is contact dell about the wrong screen and the scratches to the display bezel he made when trying to take the laptop apart.


Unless of course you have to - wait, that seems to be the only reason I buy from any laptop vendor: because I have to.

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Dell support keeps telling me that vertical lines in the BIOS is a windows software driver problem.


And I quote the transcript,

"Using the magnet, touch the system just below the right mouse button on the palmrest. Then power on the system."
Yes, we even tried the magic magnet.


Okay, looks like the tech was trying to test the reedswitch that turns the LCD panel on and off. I'm guessing there's a small magnet at the top of the LCD bezel that activates a magnet switch (reedswitch) when the lid is closed.

Problem: She told me to do this after realizing that the VGA output was not working, but the LCD panel was on. So the laptop thought the lid was closed and turned off the external monitor?

Makes sense to me.

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