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Running Commentator

Looks like a close friend of harry, lloyd, and peety finally started blogging. Maybe they'll start commenting on his blog now.

Maybe they won't have to 'proxy blog' anymore.

I doubt it.

Tim Lytle [07/24/06 14:14:06] | 0 Comments | Point

Catchy Tune

Can I help you enjoy that Snickers?

Happy peanuts soar
over chocolate-covered mountains
and waterfalls of caramel,
prancing nougat in the meadow
sings a song of satisfaction
to the world.

The world.

That's right.

Tim Lytle [07/24/06 00:25:46] | 3 Comments | Point

Good Liv'in

I think I might try this, if I get kicked out of one, I could head to another.

Skyler Bartels kept looking over his shoulder. It's a habit he picked up living at the Windsor Heights Wal-Mart for three days.

Really living there. Eating, sleeping, checking out the DVDs, never leaving. The plan was to spend his entire spring break there. Under the radar.

Some kids go to Cancun. Skyler Bartels, a Drake University sophomore from Harvard, Neb., went to the garden and patio department.

Tim Lytle [07/18/06 17:00:23] | 1 Comment | Point

Oh yeah...

Forgot to mention, brand new site.

Tim Lytle [07/14/06 11:44:37] | 4 Comments | Point