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Takes The Cake

Forget that last rant: IE, Service Electric, Dell, My Host, 1&1, and Corel - some of the best companies ever.

Well, if you compare them to Tascam they are.

Called Tascam Support toady - one the the worst experiences ever. Well, not as bad as some others I read about, but still really bad.

Tascam support seems as unstable as their product.

Which is, by the way, very unstable.

Tim Lytle [06/09/06 19:49:27] | 0 Comments | Point

1&1 Continues

After 55 minutes on the phone, here's the answer.

Umm...I don't know.
They didn't even know how mor_rewrite works. Got transfered one time, then they just sent the case to a higher support team. Yeah. Should hear back in 24 hours.

[Update: Looks like there just needs to be a RewriteBase directive added. Still shouldn't have been on the phone for 55 minutes for an 'I don't know' answer. Especially since mine was not a special case, but as far as I can tell, RewriteBase is needed to get any mod_rewrite configuration to work on their servers.]

Tim Lytle [06/01/06 16:42:21] | 1 Comment | Point

Just a Rant

Entities I Currently Dislike Strongly:

  • IE

    Why would one block element ignore the padding property, while the next same exact element displays correctly? Why does this behavior depend on having a div element floating to the right? And why does enclosing the elements in a div element fix the problem? Here's an idea - maybe IE8 could at least be consistent about how it incorrectly interprets the HTML/CSS specifications.

  • Service Electric

    I really don't need to actually write anything here. But I will. Internet just stopped working again. Right when I was in a chat with Dell. Lost the conversation by the way. And they just raised their prices. It's so worth it.

  • Dell

    Ah, yes, the aforementioned chat. Just had a question about one of their laptops, through the conversation the rep asked me 3 times, "How much would you like to spend on your system." Dude, I'm not interested in you filling up my budget, I'm interested in you meeting my needs. And who designed the 710m without bluetooth?

  • My Host

    Yup, the one this site is sitting on. Sure I get a lot of developer freedom - but how useful is that when they're still running PHP 4.3.0. How long has 5 been out? All I needed was 4.3.2. Sigh

  • [Update] 1&1

    Wow, after reading that you can't use the MySQL server for anything that would place a heavy lead on said server - not like I'm paying to use it or anything - I find that trying to use mod_rewrite via the .htaccess file results in a 500 internal server error. Who wouldn't want that? I'm currently on hold. I don't expect much help.

  • [Update] Corel

    We'll add Corel to the list - just because I purchased their software months ago doesn't mean their trial functionality won't lock me out of the program - with no ability to input my product key. That's just stupid.

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