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Winning the War

What the legacy media won't be telling you:

Iraqi General Georges Sada has an incredible story to tell. A passionate evangelical Christian, he once served as a top advisor to Saddam Hussein. Today, he serves as a senior advisor to Iraq's President and is the author of SADDAM'S SECRETS: How One Iraqi Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein. Come hear him take you inside his world -- where Jesus is drawing Iraqis to Himself in the most amazing way.

Tim Lytle [04/19/06 10:52:16] | 0 Comments | Point

Solid State

Hey Harry, Lloyd, or any one else - could I set up a bootable CD of WinXP, complete with a few select applications, that can access and write to the hard drive?

Here's what I'm looking for. Booting up a copy of WinXP with recording tools and software installed, then saving any recordings to the local hard drive. This would ensure that the software enviroment is clean and fast.

Think it's possible?

Tim Lytle [04/13/06 17:20:49] | 4 Comments | Point

Boot Up

Hey, was wondering what Lloyd (our resident Microsoft employee) thinks of Boot Camp? Just glanced over an article, I don't know, dual boot WinXP and Mac? Pretty cool. I'm thinking graphic design firms would find this kinda nice.

Tim Lytle [04/10/06 21:40:52] | 1 Comment | Point

Where's the Fork?

Ate at the 'runcible spoon' today, was pretty good. Very unique atmosphere. Anyone tell me what a 'runcible spoon' is?

Tim Lytle [04/10/06 17:19:28] | 1 Comment | Point