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Time To Change

Daylight Savings Time goes into effect this Sunday. Now here's the rest of the story.

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Have Some Fun

"Once I got into doing my own taxes, it was kind of fun. I just answered the questions and I was home free."

Hebron Township, Wisconsin

That's from the Turbo Tax site. Guess I'm in for the time of my life this week. Yeah. That's it.

[UPDATE: Their online tax application does some cool looking things. Change focus on an input element and the element's background fades to blue. Of course, not being able to register using Firefox OR IE 7 - well, that's kinda bad.

Of course if you are trying to use their online tax application, and can't seem to register, just start without registering (you get that option at the beginning) and then register from inside the application. It'll open another window, and it seems to register fine then.]

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A Thousand Words

Hey, if you like good photography check out Micah J. Murray's site. Take a look at a thousand words in his photography section.

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Political Golf

Hey, if this is the kind of things golfers talk about, well, maybe I should pick up the game.

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Mars Mapping

Google Map is out of this world.

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Audio File

Okay, we all got mp3/ogg/wma/whatever libraries in a file share so we can play them from whatever computer is on our network. We've even connected some of those computers to the speaker systems in different rooms. But what about the rooms that don't have a computer? And am I the only one that would rather have general music playing functionality not be dependent on the computer in the room?

Here's my question: without going with the very cool sounding Bose wireless music library system, how can you deliver sound to each room exclusively (not effecting the sound in other rooms) without using the existing computer system in the room, other than to simply control (not play) the system?

My thoughts have been to build a system with as many sound cards as rooms. Use a web interface for control and to select playlists. Control like volume would also be available through whatever amp you use in the room. Essentially you would have an audio port in each room that you'd treat as another input of your room's amp.

But something like MP3elf might also prove useful. Instead of running audio lines from the central, it would just used the existing network wiring. Extend the idea with WiFi and you're very flexible.

Useful concepts? I know linksys has something like MP3elf - can that be configured to be used in the application, multiple devices controlled from different computers through a common web interface?

Am I the only one who thinks something like this would be really nice?

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Project Puppet

For all you puppet people out there - Project Puppet has some puppet patterns that look pretty interesting - I'll probably the patterns this summer.

The reticulated foam they use looks good too. I've used a couple of puppets build from reticulated foam, they seem lighter, and you might be able to leave the foam uncovered.

So check it out, and check out their puppet blog, showing the construction of 'King Bob' a custom build puppet based on one of their standard patterns.

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Photo Count

Searching for a good photo managment program (which, by the way I haven't found yet), in the process of testing some programs I ran across the number of photos I have in my main archive.


An average of about 7 photos per day.

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Cardboard Shirt

Don't spend good money on a Ronco Fold-A-Matic! Just build one yourself.

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