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Trying Loki, not sure what useful stuff it'll do, but since I'm on the road a bit, I figured I'd take a look at it.


Tim Lytle [02/27/06 19:46:09] | 0 Comments | Point


Trying out the food and WiFi at Panera Bread.

Good, and cool.

Tim Lytle [02/24/06 13:18:30] | 1 Comment | Point

Parting is...

...such sweet sorrow? Well, that's what Shakespeare said.

I guess there is some sweetness in knowing that you'll be missed, in knowing that the sorrow is in both your hearts, in knowing that it's only for a time, in knowing that you'll see each other soon.

But it is still sorrow.

Tim Lytle [02/18/06 00:13:47] | 9 Comments | Point